Educational Innovation

Educational Innovation identifies opportunities to enhance teaching and learning experiences for students and faculty. Within an ecosystem of innovation, students will be immersed in inquiry-based learning experiences; faculty will explore and test experimental teaching methods; and the institution will invest in innovative programs and infrastructure.

The Platform for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (PETAL) is a novel approach to advancing the science and practice of teaching and learning in higher education.

The Distance Learning Institute (DLI) enhances student access to academic programming by partnering with educators, schools and colleges, and community organizations to develop online courses and trainings.

The New Century Education Program celebrates our University’s first 100 years by anticipating new approaches to teaching and learning that will characterize our second century. The BS in Innovation Technology & Design (ITD) program is the first new degree program for our New Century.

The purpose of University of Miami’s 2018 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is to enhance student learning through dialogue and discussion-based learning in undergraduate courses.

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) is an approach that connects students and faculty from different cultures and countries to learn, discuss, and collaborate with each other.
The Online Education Faculty Taskforce will design the University of Miami’s mission and vision for its online future and make recommendations.

An affiliated partner of PETAL, Academic Technologies collaborates with faculty members, academic units, and other University stakeholders to advance the culture of technology enhanced teaching and learning at the University of Miami.