The most pressing challenges facing society demand multidimensional solutions. From the changing climate to the evolving nature of global health and wellness, addressing issues critical to human and environmental well-being not only requires excellence in research, but the ability to create intersections to integrate expertise, theories, and evidence from a variety of disciplines into concrete, comprehensive solutions. At the University of Miami, our faculty includes highly productive and respected experts, accomplished in both their research and teaching, who draw on the perspectives and methodologies of their different disciplines to address complex issues or problems that cannot be adequately understood or solved within the confines of a single disciplinary perspective.

U-LINK supports teams of scholars from multiple disciplines in collaborative, problem-based inquiry to address the complex challenges of society.

The Climate Resilience Academy is a functional unit that supports University of Miami Schools and Colleges in interdisciplinary, problem-driven research and education, training of the next generation, and delivery of solutions to climate change impacts and related stressors, in partnership with, industry, government, universities, and other stakeholders.

The New Century Education Program celebrates our University’s first 100 years by anticipating new approaches to teaching and learning that will characterize our second century. 

Academic centers and institutes are independent, specialized academic units that conduct research and scholarship and organize activities in a specific academic field or across disciplines. These units serve as hubs for collaboration, innovation, and advancement of knowledge.