Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is entrusted with the researching recommending and promoting educational and programmatic efforts that are consistent with UM’s unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion. Among other activities of the committee are analyzing strategies to enhance our educational efforts around these topics.  – President Frenk, December 3, 2015 in A Message on Presidential Task Force for Addressing Black Students’ Concerns.

Current Members


  • Marvin Dawkins, Co-Chair
  • Renee Dickens Callan, Co-Chair


  • Paula Da Silva (SpectrUM)
  • Kristophe Smith-Walker (Student Government)
  • Lauren Lennon (United Black Students)
  • Alexander Labarbera (Miami Multifaith Council)
  • Jonathan Dominguez Vega (Veterans Students Association)


  • Felicia Casanova (The Graduate School)
  • Jordan Gary (School of Law)
  • Ayi Eta (Miller School of Medicine)


  • Chris Clarke (Multicultural Student Affairs)
  • Gisela Vega (LGBTQ Student Center)
  • Teresa de la Guardia (International Student and Scholar Services)
  • Whitley Johnson (Office of Academic Enhancement)
  • Ryan Holmes (Dean of Students Office)
  • Renae Myles (Athletics)
  • Aniette Lauredo (Human Resources)
  • Miriam Lipsky (Student Life/Division of Student Affairs)
  • Rabbi Lyle Rothman (Chaplains Association)

Schools and Colleges

  • Germane Barnes (School of Architecture)
  • Patricia Saunders (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Ellenmarie McPhillip (Miami Herbert Business School)
  • Sallie Hughes (Communication)
  • Tywan Martin (School of Education & Human Development)
  • Ashmeet Oberoi (School of Education & Human Development)
  • Vincent K Omachonu (College of Engineering)
  • Osamudia James (School of Law)
  • Cassandra Wiggins (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Roderick King (Miller School of Medicine)
  • Melvin Butler (Frost School of Music)
  • Victoria Behar-Zusman (School of Nursing and Healh Studies)
  • Alex Mas (The Graduate School)


  • Julio Frenk (Office of the President)
  • Jeffrey Duerk (Office of the Provost)
  • Patricia A. Whitely (Vice President, Student Affairs)
  • Donald Spivey (Special Advisor to the President)

Ad Hoc: Members of Roundtable

  • Laura Kohn-Wood (School of Education & Human Development - Dean)
  • Maria Stampino (College of Arts & Sciences)
  • Isaac Prillentesnsky (Institutional Culture Vice Provost)
  • Mary Harper Hagan (Human Resources Vice President)
  • Robin Bachin (Civic and Community Engagement - Asst. Provost)
  • Nanette Vega (Miller School of Medicine - Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement)
  • Paquita Zuiderma (Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmopheric Science)
  • David Rivero (UMPD)