Provost's Teaching Awards


The Provost is pleased to announce the inaugural set of what will be annual teaching awards. The Provost’s Teaching Awards signal the University of Miami’s commitment to exemplary teaching as its first pillar. To complement the Faculty Senate Teaching award that honors a distinguished record of teaching, the Provost's awards are designed to recognize outstanding faculty teaching within an academic year. Additional teaching awards will be added in future years as part of an effort to celebrate teaching excellence. Faculty are encouraged to compete globally for teaching awards through their professional organizations and other outlets.

The first three Provost’s Teaching Awards recognize faculty who have (1) provided outstanding mentoring to students, (2) used innovative approaches to address pedagogical challenges, and (3) demonstrated commitment to student learning outside of the traditional classroom.

A minimum of three faculty members will receive awards in each of these three categories. All full-time faculty are eligible for these awards, which will come with a celebration and a $1,000 fund for purchases supporting the awardees’ work.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be submitted by staff, students, or faculty and will unfold through a two-step process: 1) nominators will complete a nomination form and then 2) nominees will be contacted and asked to provide further details. Nominations must be submitted, through the form below, by Wednesday April 21, 2021.

Selection Process

Nominations will be reviewed by a representative selection committee associated with the University’s Platform for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (PETAL).

2021 Committee membership representation from the following areas: (membership will rotate in subsequent years)

  • School of Education and Human Development
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Law
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Business

Luis Glaser Mentorship Award:

This award will recognize a member of the faculty who has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to mentoring students. Exceptional mentoring can include offering advice, feedback, guidance, coaching, providing professional opportunities for mentees, or assisting in the development of life skills. A faculty member’s embrace of mentoring first-generation students, or students from underrepresented groups, while not necessary for award consideration, is desirable.

Innovation in Teaching Award:

This award will go to a full-time faculty member or a small team who has overcome a difficult course-related problem with a novel and enduring approach (novel meaning that it is new to the University of Miami or new to a discipline). The innovation may be made through technology or involve adopting a new teaching format, a novel engagement with content, the creation of new learning activities, or engagement with external entities. There should be evidence that the innovation made a demonstrable difference in learning outcomes.

Excellence in Experiential Teaching Award:

This award will recognize a member of the faculty who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the student learning process, integrating excellent teaching with opportunities for experiential learning through curricular and co-curricular activities, and actively promoting and guiding learning outside of the classroom. Nominees should excel at developing students’ “practical intelligence.”