Provost's Research Awards


Provost's Research Awards 2015

Internal funding programs are designed to foster excellence in research and creative scholarship at the University of Miami. The Provost’s Research Awards provide both salary support and support for direct research costs.
Internal Awards for Coral Gables and RSMAS Faculty

The awards are classified into three categories based on discipline: the Max Orovitz Research Awards in the Arts and Humanities, the James W. McLamore Research Awards in Business and the Social Sciences, and the Research Awards in the Natural Sciences and Engineering.

2021 Highlights


2021 Awardees

Investigator Department  School Project Title 
Gabrielle Cornish Musicology FROST School of Music Listening for Utopia: Sound and Soviet Modernity after Stalin
Michiko Kitayama Skinner Theatre Arts College of Arts & Sciences The Passport Project - An International, Cross-Cultural Performance of Immigration

Investigator Department School Proposal Title Co-Investigator(s)
Raphael Boleslavsky Economics Miami Herbert Business School Evaluating Applicants: Prestige vs. Merit
Vidhi Chhaochharia Finance Miami Herbert Business School Minority Analysts, Diversity, and Market Behavior

Paul Borochin, Finance

Alok Kumar, Finance

Alissa Del Riego Management Miami Herbert Business School Introducing Diversity to the Role of Class Counsel
Stefanos Delikouras Finance Miami Herbert Business School Blockchain fundamentals and the cross-section of cryptocurrency returns
David Kelly Economics Miami Herbert Business School Climate Resilience Infrastructure and Gentrification Renato Molina, Marine Ecosystems and Society
Uzma Khan Marketing Miami Herbert Business School The Effect of Team Diversity on Consumers Judgment and Behavior
Daniele Macciocchi Accounting Miami Herbert Business School Does Socially Responsible Investing Change Firm Behavior?
Eugene Pavlov Marketing Miami Herbert Business School Increasing Consumer Engagement with Firm-Generated Social Media Content: The Role of Images and Words
Niam Yaraghi Business Technology  Miami Herbert Business School Preventing the Mass Exodus: A Comprehensive Theory of Nursing Homes’ Staff Turnover

Investigator Department School   Proposal Title
Juan Chattah Theory & Composition FROST School of Music Attuning Serialism: David Shire’s Scores for  The Taking the Pelham One, Two, Three,  2010: The Year We Made Contact, and Zodiac
Donna Coker Law School of Law Reimagining the Movement to End Gender Violence
Logan Connors Modern Languages & Literatures College of Arts & Sciences Theater, Gender, and War in the Age of the French Revolution
Carie Penabad Architecture School of Architecture Made in Miami/Hecho en Miami:  An Alternative Guide to the City
Robyn Walsh Religious Studies College of Arts & Sciences Popularizing Jesus: The Gospels as Roman Literature

Investigator Department School   Proposal Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Christopher Bennett Music Media & Industry FROST School of Music Vocal analysis to indicate intubation difficulty in patients: Towards an app-based tool Richard McNeer, Anesthesiology 
James Coakley Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering College of Engineering Fundamental solidification mechanisms of micro selective laser melted steels  
Seok Gi Lee Industrial Engineering College of Engineering Detecting hidden characteristics of patients administered or prescribed opioids in emergency departments  
Vivek Nagendra Prakash Physics College of Arts & Sciences Ciliary-driven flows during development in marine invertebrates  
William Pestle Anthropology College of Arts & Sciences Rapid determination of time elapsed since death using thermogravimetric analysis  
Prannoy Suraneni Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering College of Engineering Rapid determination of time elapsed since death using thermogravimetric analysis Prannoy Suraneni, Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
Joseph Signorile Kinesiology and Sport Sciences School of Education & Human Development Circuit Resistance Training and Retinal Vascular Changes in Older Persons

Jianhua Wang, Ophthalmology

Jiang  Hong, Ophthalmology

Cynthia Silveira Biology College of Arts & Sciences Phage-bacteria infection networks in coral microbiomes  
Fuwu Zhang Chemistry College of Arts & Sciences Albumin-hitchhiking drug delivery to tumor for the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer  

Investigator Department School  Proposal Title  Co-Investigator(s)
Charlton Copeland Law School of Law Race, the Republican Party and the Marketing of Voter Fraud
Caleb Everett Anthropology College of Arts & Sciences Investigating the role of consonant aspiration in the emission of airborne particles
Richard Grant Geography & Regional Studies College of Arts & Sciences Transition Pathways in Mauritius: Green Economy Experimentation
Cynthia Lebron Nursing School of Nursing and Health Studies Baby-Friendly Hospitals: A Geographic Perspective on Access and Equity in Florida
Yeunjae Lee Strategic Communication School of Communication Moving toward racial justice through corporate social advocacy 
Jo-Yun (Queenie)  Li Strategic Communication School of Communication Moving toward racial justice through corporate social advocacy  Jo-Yun (Queenie)  Li, Strategic Communication
Susan Morgan Communication Studies School of Communication Reducing Health Disparities among African American and Black Caribbean Patients by Improving the Communication Practices of Clinical Research Coordinators Tyler Harrison, Communication Studies
Lucina Uddin Psychology College of Arts & Sciences Neural predictors of psychosocial impacts of Covid-19 in children with autism
Jue Wang Education and Psychological Studies School of Education & Human Development Improving Rater Training in Performance Assessments through Computerized Adaptive Testing
Amy Weisman de Mamani Psychology College of Arts & Sciences Improving Police Officer Interactions with Black Individuals Suffering from Mental Illness

Alex Piquero, Sociology

Maha McCain, Theatre Arts

Ian Wright Economics Miami Herbert Business School Gentrification, Outcomes, and Living with HIV (GOAL) Sannisha Dale, Psychology
Yanfang Wu Journalism and Media Management School of Communication Who Influences Whom on Twitter: Diffusion of China-Framing Information Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Criteria for Evaluation
  • Scholarly, scientific, and/or creative merit
  • Likelihood the work will lead to major publications or externally reviewed scholarly or creative activity
  • Prospect the work will result in successful applications for extramural funding
  • Qualifications, experience, productivity, and promise of the applicant
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