Luis Glaser Fellowship in Integrated Teaching and Learning

As Provost of the University of Miami from 1986-2005, Luis Glaser played a significant role in overseeing the University's growth and enhancing the strength of its faculty.

In the latter years of his tenure, Dr. Glaser and Professor Stephen Sapp (Department of Religious Studies) pioneered and jointly taught a cross-disciplinary course entitled "Ethics and Genetics." The course integrated scholarship in science, social science, and the humanities and drew students from a range of academic fields. At UM, we recognize teaching as an important intellectual component of our professional responsibilities.

The Glaser Fellowship celebrates both Dr. Glaser's pedagogical contributions to the University and draws on his interest in and commitment to intellectually integrated cross-disciplinary teaching and learning. The fellowship's central purpose is to give faculty the time and resources to expand their own learning into fields outside their primary discipline and to share their enriched knowledge with undergraduates in new, experimental, and educationally innovate cross­ disciplinary courses.

Eligibility and Application Process

Faculty may apply for the Glaser Fellowship in one of two ways:

  • A team of faculty from different academic disciplines may propose a new, jointly taught, course that addresses a topic or problem on which the discrete fields claim expertise. The proposed course would be endorsed by the deans and departments in which the faculty have primary teaching responsibility and would be offered in three out of the five years after the faculty receive the fellowship.
  • Faculty may propose a semester of leave to work in another department within the University in order to acquire the background to teach a new cross-disciplinary course. The proposed course and ultimate offering would be endorsed by the faculty member's home department, the host department, and the relevant deans. The new course would be offered in three out of the five years after the faculty receive the fellowship. This option also could apply to a pair of faculty who might want to work in each other's departments to adequately prepare to teach the new integrated course. Glaser Fellows will receive appropriate initial resources to launch the new course.
  • Eligibility is open to all tenure and tenure track faculty and any faculty who’ve been consistently re-appointed for at least (5) years.

Proposals for the 2020-21 academic year should be submitted to the Office of the Provost by December 1, 2019.

They should include a description of the new course to be offered and how it will be taught, the approval of the appropriate deans and department chairs, and an updated CV. 

Applicants for the Glaser Fellowship are encouraged to consider innovative and experimental approaches to teaching in their proposed courses and participation in Spring Semester Faculty Learning Communities and the Fall Semester QEP.