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August 23, 2017


Dear Colleagues,

On September 1, Workday Finance will go live. New functionality for financial accounting, procurement, expense reimbursement, purchasing card reconciliation, grants management, bank reconciliations, and accounting for capital projects and capital assets will be added to the human resources and payroll functionality already being used by the University of Miami. Click here to see a summary of some of the changes that may impact you or your department.

Upcoming changes include:

  • Faculty and staff (or their delegates) will create travel and expense reimbursements in Workday instead of creating eBERF’s in Ariba/UMeNET. After August 24, eBERF’s will not be processed in Ariba. Reimbursements received after that date will be held until September 1 and will be entered into Workday.

  • New travel cards are being issued to replace the existing U.S. Bank travel cards. The old cards will be discontinued on August 31. Any charges incurred on the old card will be reconciled in Ariba. Existing cardholders will need to sign new cardholder agreements in order to continue using the travel card program. New card charges will be reconciled in Workday. 

  • Ariba/UMeNET will be replaced by Workday for procurement. All University of Miami faculty and staff will have the ability to shop for office supplies, lab supplies etc., through Workday. Beginning September 1, you will notice a new worklet on your Workday homepage entitled Purchases. This will be used to access the catalogs and to initiate requisitions. The deadline for having approved requisitions in Ariba is August 21 for capital purchases and August 30 for non-capital purchases.  Requisitions received after those dates will be held until September 1 and will be entered into Workday.
  • Approval flows for procurement and travel and expense reimbursements have been built to be consistent for all departments. As a result, process and approval flows that were customized by department or by FRS account in Ariba are not replicated in Workday. The principal investigator will receive a system notification when these processes are fully approved.
  • For principal investigators and co-principal investigators, a new Worklet will be available on your Workday homepage beginning September 1. This worklet will be labeled “PI Dashboard,” which will provide visibility into your proposals and awards.

  • Workday Driver Worktags will replace FRS accounts. These include Programs, Grants, Spendable Gifts, Endowed Gifts, and Projects. A new tool has been developed and is available on the ERP Finance website to help you “translate” your old FRS account into one of these new dimensions. Visit miami.edu/FRStoFDM to learn more about the FRS/FDM Conversion Tool.

Administrators in your departments have been provided communications, forums, and a variety of training opportunities since March to understand and navigate the new business processes and the Workday Financial Model through the Workday website. We encourage you to make certain your staff have taken the available training.

In addition to prior training classes, two webinars have been added specifically for faculty and researchers to explain Workday Finance and allow users an opportunity to ask questions. They are as follows:

Friday, August 25, 12-1 p.m.
Webinar Link

Monday, August 28, 5-6 p.m.
Webinar Link

Additional training is available for those who frequently purchase or request reimbursement for travel and expenses. Please visit the Workday website for all training opportunities available.

If you have questions about Workday and its impact to faculty and research staff, please contact the project’s executive director, Theresa Ashman, at t.ashman@miami.edu.


Jeffrey L. Duerk, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Provost

Jacqueline A. Travisano, Ed. D.
Executive Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Operating Officer